Blogging for sustainability

Blogging for sustainability

I originally founded the blog comalicious after I gave birth to my son in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in 2011. It was a time of great change in my life. So much so that I took a baby year and embarked on a blogging journey to help map the local food system in and around Atlanta. a crowd-sourced nationwide foodguide, offered internships. They were called the Food Warrior Program. Our curiculum and meetings were strictly held online, almost ten years before zoom meetings became the new normal. We set out to document farmers, artisans, local farmers markets, bakers, anyone who was part of the local food infastructure. We took pictures, videos and interviews & uploaded them to the crowdsourced website. Simultenously, we blogged and learned about writing press releases.

I took my baby everywhere with me & even though it wasn’t easy it was the most meaningful time in my life. It was also very humbling to understand how much goes into not just agriculture but raising lifestock, food processing and supplying a local market in general. I gained great respect for the people behind it all, not to mention ate some of the freshest most delicious food in the region. 

„Thank you for your website! Sites like this are what keep us going when we don’t have time to market our farm ourselves.“

Karen Warner, Head Farmer at Big Head Farm

I continued blogging some after the Food Warrior Internship & talked about sustainable living ideas in urban areas, how to make laundry detergent from scratch & even started my own etsy shop. 

Now that I live back in Germany and cultivate my own garden I think about that time often, understanding even more how much hard work goes into growing food. I will be forever grateful for the food on my table.  

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